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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are BACK!  

Since the TMNT have been wildly popular and hugely marketed for about 25 years, there's a high probability that most of you have heard of them, especially these days since their 5th movie is scheduled to for release in 2014.  On the off-chance that you've heard of them but don't know anything about them, here's a little background info: TMNT and video clip.

Most importantly, here's a brief description of each turle:

Leonardo: wear s a blue mask and uses a katana (samurai sword).  He's the calm, cool-headed leader.
Michelangelo: wears and orange mask and uses nunchucks (chain sticks).  He's the party boy who gets himself into trouble by not thinking ahead.
Donatello: wears a purple mask and uses a bo (wooden staff).  He's the brain of the group and invents gadgets.
Raphael: wears a red mask and uses sais (pointed, prong shaped metal batons).  He has a temper and often rushes into things without thinking.  

My son discovered the turtles sometime this past year and has been set on having his 5th birthday party have a TMNT theme ever since.  I was surprised by how much merchandise and home made products I came across while researching party ideas.  There are some serious TMNT fans out there! 
At the end of this post is the link to my Pinterest board for this party that has many cool goodies to inspire ideas for your own affair or gift ideas for the TMNT fan in your life, which could be you!

So, get yourself a slice or two of pizza, do some fancy, martial arts moves and get your crime-fighting turtle on!  And remember, in the end, a party isn't about all the stuff.  It's about friends, family and FUN.

P.S. The day after my son's party he came up to me to ask me to help him open his favor bag and said, "I'm so glad you made my party perfect.  And for that, you get a kissy."
What better reason to throw a birthday party than that?



A Pretty Little Party via Etsy

A Pretty Little Party via Etsy


One Down Twenty to Go...

Zachary's Pizza (Family Center)

Party City

Party City

The Little Purple Cake Shoppe

Green Cellophane Favor Bags
A.C. Moore

Party Favor Zombie


(These are super fun by the way)



What the Birthday Boy Wore
Bon Ton

Friday, March 22, 2013

Rock Star Ice Skating Party

What do you get when you have a soon-to-be, 8-year-old daughter who loves music and ice skating?  
A rock star ice skating birthday party!
I was teenager in the 80's (I turned 13 in 1981), so, "rock star" to me invokes visions of zebra stripes (which is clearly on trend and can be found on everything everywhere) and bright colors, which I realize is more "pop" than "rock" but such was my world.  Ice skating was never my strong suit as a kid (my favorite part was having multi-colored, pom-poms on the toes of my skates), but my friends and I loved going to the Roxy and shakin' our groove-thing to Sister Sledge (video), Anita Ward (video) and Donna Summer (video) on our neon-colored wheels with glitter laces.  But I digress....
My daughter loves skating on metal blades and gettin' down to great tunes, so she and her friends took to the ice at Paquette Arena at Leddy Park, and partied like rock stars!

Have you had or are you planning to have an ice skating or rock star party?
I'd love to hear about it!
Until then, PARTY ON! (video)

Party Game:
Divide the kids into teams, each team will have a writer.
The teams have a certain amount of time to see how many words they can create out of the letters in the banner.
At the end of the allotted time, the team will read aloud their words.
Each team will cross off words that are also on their list.
The team with the most words left on their list gets bragging rights.
Everyone gets a prize.  In this case: chap stick!



What We Wore

Credits & Sources:

For a LOT more rock star or ice skating party ideas, 
check out my Pinterest boards!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back Yard Movie Night!

Two years ago, my husband and I hosted our first neighborhood back yard movie night.  It's a short season here in Vermont since it doesn't start getting dark enough to do at a reasonable hour for the kids, until September (which makes it a fun way to kick off the school year) and it typically gets too cold to do come November...then again, we've never attempted a winter-time one.  I suppose we could all just bundle up and we plan to get a fire pit, so maybe it'll be doable.  Or maybe we could get an overhead space heater...hmmm.  Anyway, the school year as started and it started getting darker earlier, so we just hosted our first BYMN of the season.  The feature presentation was The Lorax.  With 26 people, it was our biggest turn out yet (and 24 others couldn't make it)!  I had posted the about photo on my Facebook page and tagged the attendees based on the questions and comments I received, as well as hearing people talk about it at my daughter's soccer practice a week later, I decided it was worthy of a post to give all the information I can about how to host a back yard movie night of your own.  So gather up your friends and neighbors, set up the A/V system and pop some popcorn.  You'll be glad you did!

Our Set-Up:

The first screen (pictured in the above photo) and our current, larger screen (which we'll use for the first time at our next movie night) were both made from blackout fabric from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores.  The first screen was made out of a single panel of blackout fabric and had a strip of wood stapled to both the top and bottom.  The current, bigger screen, was made by sewing two panels together and stapling a strip of wood to the top and sewing a pole pocket on the bottom and sticking a steel rod (which you can get at any local hardware store) though it since my husband couldn't get a long enough piece of wood.

Portable Outdoor A/V System:

My husband has been planning this for 5 years so each time we upgraded in audio-visual components, he saved our old ones to use for his outdoor system.

Note: Everything is permanently fixed to the cart so he can wheel it in and out of the house without risk of anything falling off the cart.
  • Garden and Home Organizer cart: Amazon
  • Epson Projector: Amazon 
  • Old Audio Receiver (our new TV forced us to upgrade receivers so we used our old one)
  • DVD Player (when we upgraded to Blu-ray we saved our old DVD player)
  • Cheap Car Speakers: eBay
  • Bass Cannon Subwoofer my husband has been hanging onto one he's had since he was 16 years old
  • Extension Cord
  • Protective Cover: my husband was going to make one but he had an electric smoker cover that he had been meaning to return  but thought that maybe it could work as a cover and to his amazement, it fit perfectly.

What You'll Need:
  • Screen: Any white flat surface will do.  You could even project it on the side of your house if you want but obviously, the whiter and flatter, the better it looks.   
  • A/V Stand: Last year, when we borrowed our neighbor's projector, all the equipment just got tied to a step ladder.  If you plan on hoisting many movie nights you may want to create a permanent and portable system rather than setting one up and taking it apart each time.
  • Projector: There are a million of them out there, it just depends on what you want to spend.   The cheapest option is to repurpose one.  Try finding one at a garage sale. 
  • DVD Player: A DVD player is a DVD player.
  • Audio Receiver: Any audio receiver will do.
  • Speakers: Any cheap, generic speakers will do.
  • Bass Cannon: If you don't have a subwoofer of some sort it will sound a bit twangy and you won't have the lower frequency sounds that give you that real world feeling that you're in the movie.
  • Extension Cord: Just the obvious; it has to be able to reach your outlet.
So basically the only thing that really matters when getting your equipment together is to make sure the outputs match the inputs.

Other Stuff:

Seating: For the kids: BYO blanket or sleeping bag to sit on the grass up by the screen.  This last time one of our smart neighbors thought to bring giant tarp for the kids to put their blankets and sleeping bags on and it kept everything nice and dry.  I highly recommend using a tarp.  For the adults: BYO camping chair.

Popcorn: Popcorn simply makes movie watching better.  You can provide it or make it BYO.   This last time I made this last showing a BYO movie snack night (I figured parents would bring water bottles and anything they wanted to drink as well) but one of my thoughtful neighbors (who was too sick to join us) sent over a bunch of microwave popcorn bags for the group, so of course, I used them and nary a kernel was left at the end of the night.  In the past I've put out different sizes of mixing bowls but I'd love to have special popcorn ones like these:

Or you could also hand out individual servings in fun bags or boxes like these:

Other Snacks: Another neighbor surprised us all with chocolate chip cookies and they were a huge hit among the group.  While popcorn makes movie watching better, chocolate makes everything better.

I hope this post inspires you to host your own back yard movie night and I'd love to hear all about it!
Have fun!


New Screen Debut for "The Muppets"