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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are BACK!  

Since the TMNT have been wildly popular and hugely marketed for about 25 years, there's a high probability that most of you have heard of them, especially these days since their 5th movie is scheduled to for release in 2014.  On the off-chance that you've heard of them but don't know anything about them, here's a little background info: TMNT and video clip.

Most importantly, here's a brief description of each turle:

Leonardo: wear s a blue mask and uses a katana (samurai sword).  He's the calm, cool-headed leader.
Michelangelo: wears and orange mask and uses nunchucks (chain sticks).  He's the party boy who gets himself into trouble by not thinking ahead.
Donatello: wears a purple mask and uses a bo (wooden staff).  He's the brain of the group and invents gadgets.
Raphael: wears a red mask and uses sais (pointed, prong shaped metal batons).  He has a temper and often rushes into things without thinking.  

My son discovered the turtles sometime this past year and has been set on having his 5th birthday party have a TMNT theme ever since.  I was surprised by how much merchandise and home made products I came across while researching party ideas.  There are some serious TMNT fans out there! 
At the end of this post is the link to my Pinterest board for this party that has many cool goodies to inspire ideas for your own affair or gift ideas for the TMNT fan in your life, which could be you!

So, get yourself a slice or two of pizza, do some fancy, martial arts moves and get your crime-fighting turtle on!  And remember, in the end, a party isn't about all the stuff.  It's about friends, family and FUN.

P.S. The day after my son's party he came up to me to ask me to help him open his favor bag and said, "I'm so glad you made my party perfect.  And for that, you get a kissy."
What better reason to throw a birthday party than that?



A Pretty Little Party via Etsy

A Pretty Little Party via Etsy


One Down Twenty to Go...

Zachary's Pizza (Family Center)

Party City

Party City

The Little Purple Cake Shoppe

Green Cellophane Favor Bags
A.C. Moore

Party Favor Zombie


(These are super fun by the way)



What the Birthday Boy Wore
Bon Ton

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