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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Iron Man for Orion Man

After listening to me and my daughter discuss plans for her 7th birthday party at the beginning of the year, my son chimed in that he wanted to have a Superman birthday party, which quickly became a The Flash birthday party, since The Flash, according to him, is "lello".  Shortly thereafter, he requested a Batman party because apparently, he saves the most people in danger.  But soon after that, while looking at a pair of his superhero underwear, he took a liking to Iron Man because he is both "lello" and saves more people in danger.  I wonder if he also subconsciously liked the similarity in their names...after all, as my cousin pointed out to me, "Orion" has only one more letter in it than, "Iron": ) Once he had made up his mind he couldn't remember Iron Man's name and would ask me on a regular basis, "what kind of birthday party am I having?"  While I had started to get into what I could do for a The Flash party, I realized that next year would be a better year for him since the movie, The Flash is due to come out this summer.  Then I heard that the movie, The Avengers, was coming out in May, so it was just my luck that Avengers merchandise started cropping up everywhere and having had two Iron Man movies (starring the fantastic Robert Downy, Jr. ) in the past 4 years makes Iron Man the most merchandised Avenger at the moment.  But besides all that, Iron Man is just. plain. cool.  Even his TV show theme song is cool!Listen here!
And for all you AC/DC fans out there, click here and here!

I gotta say, I love super heroes and there are so many creative things you can do with a super hero theme, specific hero or not.
I hope he wants another one next year!

What the Birthday Boy Wore
Old Navy

What the Father of the Birthday Boy Wore
(He also grew a goatee to look more like Tony Stark but then shaved it off for a job interview.  Bummer.)

how'd he do that?
Custom Made Iron Man Chest Plate
He drilled holes around a LED tap light, sodered blue LED lights from Radio Shack to an electric board, stuck them in the holes, and tada!

The Goods:

Birthday Direct

Thank You Notes
Birthday Direct

Birthday Direct

Glittering Gold Forks

Avengers Coloring Book
Helpful Tip: I put tape labels (yellow with black print) with each child's name on the coloring books and used them as place cards so there would be no squabbles over who was sitting where.
You could, of course, use a permanent marker, I just love printed labels.

Mini Pack of Crayola Crayons

Blowers (to put at every place setting)

Gold Confetti (to sprinkle on tables and for the kids to play with)

Treat Bags (for arcade tokens & prize tickets)

Helpful Tip: I made name labels like the ones on the coloring books so that there would be no issues over whose bag was whose.
Again, you could, of course, use a permanent marker.

6' 5" Laminated Cardboard Standup

I wanted to take a photo of each child standing with Iron Man to include with their thank you note, but only had a few takers.  At least I got some fun shots of adults with him : )
 After the party, my husband had the brilliant idea of sticking the chest plate he created on the standup and then putting it in Orion's room as a giant night light.  I think it will be too bright and could scare him but we'll see.

The Cake:
I love that Shen, the baker, surprised me with a flashing light in the cake!  How fun!
Sweet Surprises & Memories

Gold Spiral Candles

The Favors:

Cellophane Treat Bags  & Blue Glow Sticks from iParty
Metallic Iron Man 2012 Pez Dispenser from PEZ
Personalized Gold Shimmer and Red M&M's from My M&M's
Iron Man Temporary Tattoos

More Cool Iron Man Party Goods

Invitations & Thank You Notes:

Superhero Stuff

2009 Iron Man Pez Dispenser

Iron Man 2 Mask
Toys "R" Us

Cakes & Cupcakes:

The Great Cake Company

What the Cake

Ilene Miriam Baked Goods

Cakes by MAC

Dork Chocolate

Debbie Lennon

Iron Man Cake & Cupcake Toppers

Tall Girl in Heels

Iron Man 2 Candle
Party America

Standing Iron Man Candle
Country Kitchen Sweetart


The standup as a night light for O's room was as anticipated,
way too bright as well as scary.  
Oh well, at least it'll be fun to have in his room or the play room :)

Alternate Favors for Neighborhood Friends (older kids) Party
(changes from school friends party favors: gold personalized M&M's, light blue Sixlets, no tattoos, curling ribbon)
Iron Man Arc Reactor
Chasing Fireflies

Iron Man Arc Chest Light

Tony Stark Light UP LED Iron Man T-shirt

Arc Reactor T-Shirt (my husband ordered one of these)

My husband just returned from the World Maker Faire in NYC
and brought me a business card for Instructables.com's post on DIY Iron Man Costumes!
So cool!  Check it out!


  1. Wow! You are amazingly talented.
    My kids are too old for Iron Man., but I would love to see if you had suggestions for High School graduation parties.


    1. Aw, thanks, Jessica! As you know, My kids are too young for High School graduation parties, but it's on my list of party planning posts to do : ) I don't think I'll be able to get around to it in time for this year's graduating classes but I'll be sure to create one for the class of 2013! Until then, I'll start posting any cool, fun, creative ideas I come across and create a board for it on Pinterest.
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. I want you to throw a Thor party for me. I will take a cardboard cut out of Chris Hemsworth!

  3. LOL! You got it...one Thor party coming up! Jen G. has a life-size standee of Robert Pattinson so why shouldn't you have Chris Hemsworth?! : )

  4. Judy: Is this good enough? http://www.amazon.com/Avengers-Cardboard-Cutout-Standee-Standup/dp/B007UQE7A6