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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fire Engine Birthday Party! (part 2)

Sound the alarm!  It's time to PAR-TAY!
My son's fire engine birthday party (see (Fire Engine Birthday Party (part 1)) ) was this past weekend and a fun time was had by all.  It rained all morning until an hour before the party, so a big shout out goes to Mother Nature for a sunny and dry afternoon.  The kids as well as adults had a great time and the fire fighters couldn't have been kinder and cooler. Then again, who's kinder and cooler than fire fighters?

Here are some pics and with resources from the the event along with some other ideas for how to throw your own fire fighting theme'd party.  
Have you ever thrown or been to a fire engine birthday party?  If so, I'd love to hear about it!

Play House turned Fire Station

Bucket-O-Fire Engines
I used another red bucket like this one from Christmas Tree Shop for can recycling

Fire Hydrant Cups
It's always a good idea to label kids' cups, especially when they are also party favors
These are also really cute: Fire Engine Sipper Cups

Here comes the fire engine!
(The ambulance was on a call and would come later)

Ten minutes after the ambulance arrived, a call came in

Favor boxes and bagged & red-bowed cookies to go
(none of our visiting fire fighters had kids but others at the station did and they can also give them out on calls)

Sounding the siren as our local heroes head back to the station

Time for cake!

Fire Fighter Party Tableware
An FDNY vehicle at every place setting for some table entertainment
(I bought mine from Amazon for free shipping but came across this great website for all your fire fighting vehicle needs Firetrux.com)

My friend who made my daughter's Barbie Birthday Cake was also wonderful enough to make this one.  Thank you, Tara, you baking goddess, you!
Betty Crocker Fire Engine Cake
 & Dalmatian Candle

These Cupcake Candles are so cute!
Red velvet and chocolate fudge cake, YUM!
I wasn't sure the fire engine would be enough so I asked Tara if she could put it on a yellow sheet cake.  It was Tara's brilliant idea to make the fire engine red velvet and  I loved the chocolate fudge cake pops she makes so much, that I asked her to make the sheet cake out of that.  I had considered having yellow coated chocolate cake pops but sticks and three-year-olds do not mix : /  
The fire engine was way more than enough cake but I'm so glad we had both cakes to satisfy every one's tastes (even though red velvet is essentially chocolate cake).  The gum drops were a BONUS with the kids : )

Gotta love a fire engine cut-out cookie!
I ordered these from my local bakery, Klinger's Bread Company (they also made the rocket ship and crayon cookies for my son's other birthday parties but here's a website that sells a Fire Truck Cookie Cutter and shows you how it can be decorated so you can make your own!

Fire Engine Favor Boxes
I opted to select my own favors but these awesome boxes also come with coordinating favors.  Nice!

Favors I chose:
Rescue Vehicles

Fire Fighting Rubber Duckies!

Fire Fighter Figures

Fire Truck Whistles

Clip on Badge

Temporary Tattoos
Tattoos are fun for all ages : )

Other Fun Favor Ideas:

I wish I had discovered these Fire Fighter Favors before the party.  Too cool!
Fire Hydrant Squirters
Fire Extinguisher Squirters

Fire Truck Chocolate Lollipops
Fire Engine Hard Candy Lollipop

Activities to fit the theme (that do not involve the concept of fire)

Dalmatian Hunt:
I had planned to do this cute activity that I made up, but alas, it didn't work out:
Place little dalmatian dogs around the back yard or where ever your party takes place and have the kids go on a hunt for them.  Simple, cute and fun for all ages!
(My sad story: I had ordered 72 little, plastic dalmatians from an Amazon retailer and was told they would arrive in time for the party, but for some strange reason, they did not and still haven't (I was given a full refund when I Emailed asking if they were on their way...strange) Anyway, I was going to hide them all around our back yard and have the kids look for them and had bought little, yellow paper bags (and was going to put a dalmatian sticker on each one) in which the kids could put the dalmatians they collected.  Here's a pic:

Color Your Own Fire Engine

Fire Engine Pinata

Giant Fire Truck Pinata

Stick the Badge on the Dalmatian

Stick the Helmet on the Dalmatian

Fire Fighter Obstacle Course

Food & Beverage Ideas:
Chili (spicy batch for adults and milder for kids)
Hot Dogs (full length or mini)
Chips and salsa(s)
Red and yellow sliced peppers
Red and yellow m&m's or jelly beans
Red Hots
Fruit punch

My Music Play List:

Fire  (Bruce Springsteen)
Fire (Charlene )
Fire (Dead By Sunrise)
Fire (Iration)
Fire (Jay Sean)
Fire (Jimi Hendrix)
Fire (Matthew "Mdot" Finley)
Fire (Michael Johns)
Fire (Ohio Players)
Fire (The Pointer Sisters)
Fire (Sleeping With Sirens)
Fire (U2)
Fire  (Ferry Corsten
Fire Burning  (Sean Kingston)
Fire (Babyface & Des'ree)
Fire (Ferry Corsten) 
Fire (Greyson Chance)
Fire (Kasabian)
Fire (RJD2)
Fire (Subway)

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