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Monday, January 23, 2012

Super-Duper Bowl Party!

I have no interest in football and neither does my husband, but when we've gone to Super Bowl parties (only about 4 times) I've thought what fun it would be to host one, especially since I like watching the Super Bowl for the commercials (M&M's will be introducing Ms. Brown!) and half-time show.  And Madonna is performing this year!  Wuhoo!  Well, now that we know the New York Giants (my native home team, as a Yankees, Giants, Rangers fan) and the New England Patriots (the Vermont home team) will be playing against each other in Superbowl XLVI, I feel I've been called into action.  The problem is, most of the guests could be rooting against "my" team!  Then again, I could be wrong since there are many New Yorkers around here.  And while it could make for a more exciting event if most of our guests rooted for the Patriots,  it wouldn't be too much fun if I was the only one celebrating at the end of the night : /  
Or maybe it would ; )
But, back to what's important: the party.
Since I only have 12 days (well 13 including the day of) until the big game, I better start planning now and post some of the favorite party ideas I come across in case you're also planning to host one this year or in the future.  
Oh, and I'll need to brush up on my football knowledge, which is extremely limited despite my attending Super Bowl XXXIV (I had no clue what was going on but apparently it was a great game), so I'll include a Football 101 link at the end in case you need a refresher or intro. to the game, as well.

Enjoy and GO TEAM!

I think something as casual as an E-vite is perfect for the occasion, but in case you're throwing a more elaborate affair, I've found some great ones.

Tiny Prints

Tiny Prints

Tiny Prints

Paper Style
Paper Style

Invitation Box

Decor and Tableware:
How convenient!  Red and blue for both makes for much easier decorating!




Or, you could go with a solid tableware to fit the color scheme.


Baked Chicken Wings from WhoDat via Food.com

Fried Boneless Chicken Tenders from Blog Chef

Buffalo Chicken Bites from Sunny Side Up in San Diego

Buffalo Chicken Bites from What's Cookin' Chicago?

Pigs in a Blanket from Oprah.com

Homemade Pizza from Elise via Simply Recipes

Pizza Dip from Closet Cooking

DIY Burger Bar from Swanky Chic Fete

Hamburger Sliders from Mommy Hates Cooking

Super Bowl BBQ Beef from My Baking Addiction

Sloppy Joe Sliders from Delish

Delicious Nachos Supreme from Kittencalskitchen via Food.com

Baked Jalapeno Poppers from Emeril Lagasse via  Food Network.com

Parmesan Crusted Baked Zucchini Sticks with Marinara Sauce from Closet Cooking

Mozzarella Sticks with Buttermilk Dip from Food People Want

Stuffed Pizza Rolls from The Girl Who Ate Everything

Potato Skins from Closet Cooking

30-Minute Chili from Martha Stewart

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Grape Jelly Cocktail Meatballs from Curry and Comfort

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Greek Layered Dip With Pita Chips from Food Network.com

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Lasagna Cups from Lauren's Latest

Football 7 Layer Dip from Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons

Individual Seven-Layer Dips from The Girl Who Ate Everything

Snack Stadium from Pardon My Crumbs

Football Field Dip Platter (photo courtesy of  123 Print Blog)

The Best Guacamole from Tasty Kitchen

The Perfect Guacamole from Penelope's Oasis

Recipe for Fresh Salsa from Whole Foods Market
Reggae Salsa from Chef and Steward

Ultimate Super Bowl Dip from Better Recipes

Classic Spinach Dip from KEA-CA via Food.com

Healthier Artichoke Dip from Cooking With My Kid

Hot Spinach Artichoke Dip from Closet Cooking

Spinach Artichoke Dip from Juli via Food.com

Artichoke Bread from Closet Cooking

Garlic Cheesy Bread from Lauren's Latest

Spicy-Sweet Deviled Eggs from My Recipes

Football Bites from Gimme Some Oven

Football Cake Pops from Love + Butter

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Chocolate Dipped Football Strawberries from Gojetz.com

Football Brownies from Amanda's Cookin'

Chocolate Nutty Mini-Football Treats from Kellogg's

Oreo Football Cookies (Whoopie Pies) From S + H

Football Whoopie Pies from Make Merry!

Chocolate Pretzels from Allrecipes.com
(I made these with custom NFL team M&M's

I also used NFL M&M's to decorate this store bought brownie cake 

Buffalo Wing Cupcakes from The Kitchn

Football Cupcakes from Bakerella
Super Bowl Cupcakes from Miss Make

 Football & Goal Cupcakes from Reynolds

  Football Cupcakes Cakebee 

New York Giants Cupcakes from Cupcakes Take the Cake

Giants and Patriots Cupcakes from Clever Cupcakes via  Flikr

Giants Cupcake from Flour and Sun Bakery

Giants Cookies from Confetti Cookie Company

Giants Jersey Cookies from Caryn's Cakes via  Flikr
Patriot Cookies from Just Cookies via Flikr

Patriot Cookies via Rollin' in Dough via Flikr

Super Bowl M&M Cookies from That Skinny Chick Can Bake
(NFL M&M's)

Football Cookies from Betty Crocker

Football Sugar Cookies from Catch My Party

The Only Beverage You'll Need

Just kidding...sorta ;) Soft drinks (I always include flavored seltzers) should be on hand as well.  And if children will be attending, juice boxes are always an easy (low mess) option. 

Game Info:

Football 101: 

Half-Time Activities:


My friend just sent me a photo of what I will NOT be making for my SB party, but you just may be brave enough to want to:

Party Stadium from Fitperez

My version of the above mentioned
Football 7 Layer Dip from 
Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons
with the addition of sliced black olives.

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