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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Let the Games Begin!

As I work on this post, I'm watching the final day of the US women's gymnastic Olympic trials and becoming increasingly excited for this year's games to begin!
The opening ceremony for the XXX Summer Olympic Games will be held in London, England on July 27th, 2012.  This will be the first year I can recall missing them but at least I have a good reason: I'll be in Montreal at my first Coldplay concert :)  It's times like this when I love DVR.  While it's fun to watch it live with the rest of the world, I'm okay with enjoying it at my leisure without my kids talking the entire time since I promised them they could watch it.

One of the best parts of the Olympics is the emotionally moving commercials.  I've watched this tearjerker (click here to watch) more times than I can keep track of.  The music, the cinematography, the direction by the brilliant, Alejandro González Iñárritu, all add up to perfection.  I've produced tears every single time I've watched it.  I remember loving (and welling-up to) this one from the 2010 Olympic Winter Games (click here to watch).*

The P&G "Raising an Olympian" mini documentaries like this one on Gymnastics Olympian, Shawn Johnson, and this one on Track & Field Paralympian, Kortney Clemons, are very moving as well.  But enough praising P&G's amazing Olympic advertising (even though I'm a loyal Bounty, Tide and Cascade consumer), and on with the festivities!

If you're planning a gathering to celebrate the opening ceremonies or a particular event you and your friends are into, here are some fun, Olympic-inspired sweets & potables (as long as some other party ideas) to inspire ways for you to give your event some special Olympic flair.

And here are some links that can help you to more fully participate in the Olympics without actually competing in them or attending them.


Official Website 



Laurs_1981 via Cake Central

Fancyflours (Olympic rings wafer papers)

Ann Clark Ltd.
This fantastic cutter (made here in Vermont!) can be used with the above wafer papers 

or to create the "Nanaimo Bars" listed below under, "Cakes".

Beaches Pastry

Little Birdie Secrets



Edible Gifts Plus



The Green Album

Victorious Cupcakes


Coco Cake

Cake Picture Gallery

Lavender Bakery


Clever Cupcakes


The Kitchn (Nanaimo Bars)


Perfect Cake by Shirley


Edible Art


Miller Design Enterprise

Taste of Home

Taste of Home

Sugarbabies via Cake Central


An Olympics of Beer
Photo: The Washingtonian

 Olympic Rings Cocktails
Every Joe

Olympic Rings Cocktail
Olympic Ring (Tequilla) Drinks

Party Planning Ideas:

I just saw this version of the "kids"commercial for the 2012 summer games (click here to watch) as well as this new "thank you Mom" one (click here to watch).  

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